Saturday, 22 March 2014

Take a paper, Take a pen..doodle away now & then \ / \ / \ / \


On one of my road trips to Delhi recently, Mr Gupta was in one of his moods in which he does not really talk! like don't talk at all! and from Mr. Gupta becomes Mr. Hypersensitive. Now with time I have learned not to disturb him in such times and call it the "brainstorming sessions" (to feed his ego) when he comes to his senses.

So because it was a road trip and I had nothing better to do besides listening to music which Mr. Gupta had powered off! I decided to doodle away...and here its what resulted in:

What is Knowledge?
It is everything around, you can just let it be as it is or you can know how and be lead to the gates of enlightment
Have guts; loads of them; Guts to state what is right; Guts to say out loud what you think; Guts to say Yes; Guts to say NO; Guts to "BE YOU"

"GUTS is all its gonna take"
Take out time for yourself; Be alone; Let your mind wander away;Let them have their way;Let them tangle; When they will tire you will know PEACE.
 Be Original!!! Just sometimes be a Wild Child!!!

Ok I am capable of some craziness too.

Be great! and doodle away/\/\/\/\/\
C U! Take care!