Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Cycle

Today i am gonna keep it short & sweet, well not exactly sweet. I sometimes feel like I am Bess Marvin of Nancy Drew fame, remember one of the best friend of Nancy, always gaining or loosing 5 pounds ;) I have freaked out enough of my friends by asking them the same old glorious question, "Am I looking fat?" Thank God for my friends I got married last year and since have been shooting this question only at poor Mr.Gupta, who (good for him)knows enough to never ever say "YES" and I have always taken his word for it and ignored my jeans getting tighter on the waist instead blaming it on poor Bablu (the guy who does all the household laundry, besides cleaning, cooking and other miscellaneous chores) for shrinking my stuff all the time!

Well being so weight obsessed, "weight cautious" would not have been right here, I got a fitness membership with one of the gyms in Kanpur in the nearby locality immediately after my marriage. (Plz note my weight just does not budge due to no fault of mine as far as I know!)

Generally the bag I carry is locked in one of the many free lockers provided by the gym provided I get my own lock & key. That day I just forgot to carry my lock n key and had 1500/- in my bag and though hesitant I had to leave my bag behind. Done with my gyming when I returned the zip of my pretty Steve Madden draw string carry-all bag. And I know the worst had happened. On checking my fears came out to be true the money was missing. I complained at the reception they blamed me for not bringing the lock n key. I could not have blamed them for that.

I forgot about it in a day. Nobody bothered much not even me. It was just 1500/-. You can do so much for the time and energy spent on finding it maybe make a double or triple of it. So the case was ClOSED for good!!!

It made me think though, after all it had happened with me aur vo kya kehte hai apni hindi mein ki samajh tabhi aata hai jab apne per beeti hai...something something (meaning you only realize whats happening is not right when it happens with oneself).

It made me think that its never gonna end is it... the poor (the commoners - the major poppulation of India) are gonna steal because they never have enough and looking at the economy never will.

the upper middle/middle class the second major population of India will let it happen because they are scared of complaining and fighting back, wanna stay peacefully,some too educated and cultured for their own good. They just don't get our system and wanna stay far far away from the madding crowd. And the funny thing is even they steal. They steal from the rich, the boss, the big fat companies, the MNC's. Its done in several ways..fake vendors, bribes, purchasing good for personal use from company funds, data manipulation, manipulating the machines & what not!

After this comes the Big bosses...well they take it from "the people who wear nehruji's cap" (basically the "Onion people"). They are the privileged ones, people from everyone's dreamland! They take it upright from the onion people in form of approvals to illegal projects, common man's lands, and anything and everything they want and fill their bank accounts in tax havens.

Now comes the Onion people who control it all from vegetable prizes to rupee. They take it all from the common man, the poor, in the form of taxes!! they screw the poor bad

For now gentlemen and ladies it looks like the show is gonna go on like this forever with mango people loosing it all and onion people making sure they do loose it all!!

Ok I have to rush it up a little now Mr. Gupta is home and hungry! And as you know a hungry lion could be a dangerous one!(Chuckles) So gotta go and fix up a decent meal for him.

Love!C u!