Friday, 3 July 2015

Disdain in small things😏

As a child I was an inquisitive one with innate curiousity to know it all. I was always too philosophical for my age. I found myself different from my school mates. For my friends bunking classes, making fun of teachers, eating candies and such trivial things was the definition of fun and happiness. I used to look down at them with disdain.

Soon the years flew by and I was 23. I was done with college, had made new friends. The disdain stayed intact. The reasons although had changed. Now they were little less trivial like drinking, late night parties, having girlfriends/boyfriends etc. 

I was as happy in my disdain thinking I was meant for greater things like fame and wealth. Those were my ultimate goals to achieve happiness. 

I skipped on the small things in my life. 

It was only when I met my then "to be future husband", I realised all that was lost. 

I had missed on my opportunities to 'happily' pave my way in my quest to achieve the ultimate bliss. 

Now I am a happily married housewife who feels lucky to have all I've got. My major sources of happiness now are as follows:

Kissing Mr. Gupta ( my husband) good bye everyday before he leaves for the office.

Going out with my girlfriends for a cup of coffee sometimes.

Getting absolutely drunk when partying with friends and laughing to my wits end.

Keeping my home neat and tidy and comfortable enough for my family.

Sometimes just enjoying a cup of tea while reading some trashy novel.

Travelling the world with Mr. Gupta

Asking Mr. Gupta everyday when he gets back from the office," how was your day honey? And getting the same reply, "ok".

Then breaking into the minute details about my self presumptuous interesting day for an hour or so.

In the end  I realise all that disdain was nothing in front of the #happinessinsmallthings!!!

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