Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My love affair

Billy Borgens: Rusty, a writer is the sum of his experiences. Go get some.

-Stuck in love, 2011

I have been stuck in love for the past 5 months. It is a love affair like none other I have ever had.

This person I have fallen for does not even talk to me or send me an email or a text message. I feel so sick all the time.I sometimes wish it had never happened. 

We have never even had one decent conversation yet. It is like those love affairs you see in the movies.

This love affair of mine has made me do miraculous things. I don't go out at all. I just feel like never leaving my bed, eating what that person likes, and worst of all I feel happy doing it all.

I guess it is the same for everyone. Everyone has that one special person for whom they would do anything. What's with the fuss! 

I know. It is just that I am pregnant for the first time!!!