Thursday, 2 July 2015

Scion of Ikshvaku-A book review

I loved the book for its perfect mix of drama, romance, suspense and a mythological touch. It is what you call a perfect Bollywood film. Trust an Indian Author to give a book such a filmy tinge to it!

The author- Amish has done it again. He has picked another most worshipped Hindu God and churned an absolutely revolting version of Ramayana. Guru Valmiki, the creator and writer of Ramayan would have died of shock had he been alive. Though please note that the acclaimed author of the concerned book never mentioned the word Ramayana throughout the book. 

Besides the name of the characters nothing else stays the same. The author's capabilities to churn a good story out of an old age epic is worth the appreciation.

It is the story of the eldest son of the king Dashrath- Ramchandra. King Dashrath has 3 wives, Kaushalya, Kakiye and Sumitra. Ram is Kaushalya's son. He has three half brothers - Bharat and, Shatrughan and Lakshman from his step mothers  Kakiye and Sumitra respectively. 

Ram was born at the same time when the Mighty king Dashrath lost a battle for the first time. The battle costed King Dashrath his reputation as a undefeated warrior along with lot of wealth to King Ravan of Lanka. The blow to Ram was bigger as he became the symbol of bad luck for the entire Sapt Sindhu ( kingdoms of King Dashrath) and the most despised son of all by the King.

At the age of six the princes were sent with Lord Vashishth. 
The plot unfolds good camaraderie existing among the brothers inspiteof ongoing politics played by Kakiye and few other influential court members for their own personal interests. Lanka had meanwhile risen to new heights under the intelligent and powerful rule of King Ravan, with stories of its streets being paved with gold whispered across the lands. 

Ram returned with his brothers at the age of 25. 

What happens next changed the course of his life forever. Will Ram be able to abide by his laws when destiny might make him waiver? Will he sit on the throne? Will his father ever forgive him for something which is not even his fault?

The author has made sure the book has enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. 

Positives of the book: 

The author has honed his writing skills a lot since his last 3 books ( the Shiva triology)

The plot is intriguing and thrilling. It is a definite page turner.

The book is judged by its cover. This one hits the mark with the right one.

Negatives of the book:

Some scenes in the book have not been described to the fullest. They lack the depth and lustre which one would want from such important scenes.

Besides the names of the characters and places hardly anything stays close to the actual story of Ram. Why to even copy that when the author is perfectly capable of creating impeccable and impressive stories himself? 

Some of the quotes that caught my eye: 

"How can the land belong to any of us? We belong to the land"

"The entire universe conspired to break you, and here you are still unbowed.what metal have you be forged in, my son?"......."I was forged from your metal, my father"

So would you read it or not? And if you have already read it what do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you liked the review. Cheerio!