Friday, 22 July 2016

7 times when I said "Never will I ever..." and failed at it magnificently well

I say it a lot, like a lot lot,,Some people just don't learn from there mistakes do they ever? I hope for my own good I do. Or else I will have to eat my own words yet again.

Following are some examples of how I ended up saying never will I ever do this or that and how magnificently and sometimes very publicly I failed at it:

1) Never will I ever befriend boys, they are stupid, dirty, nasty and make me very uncomfortable.

Eating my own words: That was before I reached the age of 15 and was naive. I have had several boys as friends since then, more than I can count on my fingers at least.

2) Never will I ever do engineering or become a doctor, these career goals are for boring, non ambitious and "not - good- enough for anything else" kind of people.

Eating My own words: I hold a degree in Bachelors of Technology that too in the most common of all branches, yes you guessed it right. Its non other than everyone's beloved computer science. I am also a Red Hat Certified Engineer (BONUS eh...)

3) Never will I ever bunk a class, Mind you I did not my entire school life. Like never ever. Not even when a teacher asked me to do so.

Eating my own words: Started bunking classes in my engineering days and have been bunking till date, Yeah yeah I am still a student sometimes.

4) Never will I ever fail in any class test. Exams are so easy. How do these people manage to do that? How easy can it get? How???????????

Eating my own words: This one was public, very public. I failed not once, not twice but thrice in the physics subject in 11th standard. It was the talk-of-the-school.

5) Never will I ever study in Kanpur(my home town) once done with school. I am so out of here.

Eating my own words: My parents sent me to a decent All girls engineering college somewhere in the deserts of Rajasthan. Could not cope up with the desolation and isolation both and came back running to Kanpur within a month. Got enrolled into a local college and rest you know is history.

6) Never will I ever fear other student, because students fear me right, I am the Ice Queen!

Eating my own words: I used to literally shit in my pants when in that isolated remote college seniors used to come knocking at my hostel room to tear me apart and rag me crazy. (Another good reason I left it, I am just saying..don't say I am a fattu (pussy) now.)

7) Never will I ever lie to my parents. I don't, common. I am a good girl.

Eating My own words: When and how? It started in good old engineering days. I can actually write a book on it.

And Here comes the last and seventh one ( Hey! I know you just read the seventh but you can at least get unlucky at 7 as many times you want I guess..)

7) Never will I ever make a boyfriend or date a guy.

Eating my own words: I have been on quite a few dates since then. And met some amazing guys and also not so amazing guys on the way.

These are quite big secrets, please do not share it with anyone or stock (follow) me on blogger, twitter or Facebook. I don't want you to know me anymore than you already do. Just kidding guys, Be hoenst you kinda already like me, don't you?

night night, sleep tight
Mrs. Gupta