Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cheap Thrills!

Before I start it has nothing to do with that song!

Just yesterday I took my MIL (mother in law) shopping or rather she took me shopping. Generally sales start in August but this time thanks to the economical crisis the sales started in first week of July itself! Well I am not complaining and I am sure none of the girls reading this are.

So yeah where were we... I went shopping with my MIL yesterday. She is one person who does not spend on herself easily. It takes lots of convincing. Also she will only buy something when she really really likes it. In short she rarely shops.. This was one of those rare occasions AND WE SHOPPED!

We shopped like two girlfriends, trying kurtis in FabIndia, checking out bags and shoes in Clarks, picking cloths for all her grand kids in MnS.
Bag from Clarks perfect for her small trips
It was good to see her happy and be the source of her happiness. It was good to be a giver for once and not just the taker.
Check out the clutches on display there, we picked a few of them, they were selling at such trashy rates anyways!  

We also got some organic pickles . Ooh! she loves pickles
Most of my day went shopping and everything was so cheap that it was almost thrilling. I guess that makes for the most thrilling part of my day also. And I will call it a day now! 

See small towns are not so bad after all.  Isn't? It has its own hidden sparkles here and there :)

night night
Mrs. Gupta

P . S. : Sweet MIL's do exist. I love mine to bits. Its a myth that all Mother in Laws = Monster in Laws. And I am not saying we don't have our differences. We do have fair amount of them. Well! But who doesn't?