Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Happiness Is....

Happiness for me is when I got home from school, flung my stuff on the bed in my room and rush to my dad to tell I have won the inter house debate competition.

Happiness is when I am out there facing a huge crowd and holding the mic in my hand like its some magic wand because whenever my voice used to boom out of the speakers, they all listened.

Happiness is when giving a presentation the professor you most feared in grad school tells the class, " Now that's what you call a presentation".

Happiness is my birthday.

Happiness is when my cousin got me Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix the day it got released.

Happiness is when I stood in front of the glittering Eiffel Tower and it just shone like a bright star fallen on earth all the way from heaven.

Happiness is not believing that you are actually standing in front of THE MONALISA in THE LOUVRE. Its priceless.

Happiness is first love.
Happiness is first kiss.

Happiness is having great view from your room.

Happiness is honeymooning in Gold coast.

Happiness is when everybody loved the pasta I cooked.

Happiness is when my baby girl smiles at me every time she looks at me.

Happiness is when my baby girl laughed for the first time.

Happiness is life.

and everything in it. You just need to see it.