Sunday, 31 July 2016

My First Novel *Cherished Blogfest* #CBF16

A copy of "Those Dreadful Children" by Enid Blyton is my most cherished possession in the world. It was a gift I value above all because it introduced me to the magical world of books at a very early age. 

My parents gifted me that book when I was in 4th standard i.e. around 11 years old. We live in a small town with not many big bookstores. So one day they just told me get ready we are going shopping. 

Never telling that we will be travelling to another city, Lucknow which is 2 hours from there. Once we reached there they took me to a huge book store - UNIVERSAL.

It was beautiful. There were books everywhere. Stacked in order from top shelf till bottom. . It was love at first sight. I wanted my own library.

My parents that day did not just gift me a book. They gifted me a hobby. They introduced me to my then undiscovered love for reading. There in those racks of freshly printed copies of books I found a friend for life

I don't know why I picked this novel that day - Those Dreadful Children. May be because I was a goody goody child who wanted to know what makes children dreadful. The title was intriguing and so was the book. 

I read it again and again. Every time getting greedier for more and more words and stories. Its been good 18 years since then I never go to bed without one. I also got my dream home library recently.

Its all because of Those Dreadful Children of Enid Blyton's.

What is your most cherished thing? Share with me in the comments.
Written for Cherish BlogFest #CBF16