Friday, 29 July 2016

My Modern Ayurveda Doctor

Yesterday was a good and interesting day. My baby had sprained her knee last week and she was neither able to crawl nor stand properly. I was really concerned and worried as any mom would be in this situation. I had made sure that she does not strain that knee of hers for the entire week. She was on antibiotics and pain killer. Yesterday I let her try crawling.She crawled normally. I sighed a sigh of relief.
Also its been raining a lot lately in my town. I love rain. Its the most magical season of all. 
And yesterday when I was visiting my parents place I bumped into a modern ayurveda Doctor. He has come down from Kolkata and when I entered the place he was in a deep discussion with my father. There is a tinted glass partition between the drawing room and living room. So I could only make out that my dad is in a meeting with some guy. My mum briefed me about him. Till then I had already envisioned that guy to be in mid fifties carrying lots of leaves and "jadi bootis". 
I also thought that I will consult him once and voiced my thoughts to my mother who totally agreed. So when my father came out of the room after consultation I said I will meet him too. As soon as I entered I was in for a shock, a good shock. It was a guy in his early thirties and he was dressed smartly, had a calm smile on his face. He appeared to be a modern saint to me. 

I said, "Hi!", ever so shyly and sat down on the sofa facing him.
Now sitting I could observe he wore specs, he was little bald on the sides of his forehead. He tarted writing something on his notepad. He asked my name and my age. Then he started talking.
I can say he sure know how to talk and be a good mentor. He told me that whatever we know about Ayurveda is a misconception. He said Modern Ayurveda is all about preventing any disease be it mental or physical.  It is our heritage which is lost and forgotten in India. Many people have thus started misusing the name Ayurveda by making and selling there own good for nothing concoctions and the art and science of Ayurveda for it is both is gradually getting lost somewhere. 
Then he said may I do a routine check up. I was little surprised on hearing that bcoz he had no instrument no stethoscope, etc. He asked me to extend my left hand forward palm side up. He placed three of his fingers around the wrist as if taking the pulse count. First with 3 fingers, then with two and lastly with one. He repeated the same with my right hand. He also saw my tongue. Meanwhile he kept on noting something on the left corner of the page marked with my name on the top as if making a case history. 
Once done with writing lot of codes he started, "Ok, let's talk about your mental health first". Now I am not telling you everything here but I can tell you this much that whatever he said made sense and was totally logical. He said out of all the elements present in my body, my FIRE element is most active. 
My thought on it, " I am on Fire, I am hot and good looking."

He meant, " You are very emotional, sensitive and forgiving. You are like a child but you are trying to cover it up".
He told me a lot about me in detail. It all sounded cool. Then we moved on to what is wrong with my internal body organs and muscles and nerves and what not.
When I mentioned, "So what is alright in me according to you?"
The answer reminded me of the old me. He said, "Everything is good. See you met me before anything could go seriously wrong with you. You would have noticed all this 20 years later when it would have aggravated to a serious condition. 
He prescribed lot of yog asans to do and dry fruits to eat. He also gave me ayurvedic meds. 

Once he was through all 3 of us and was just leaving. I asked him like a child (sarcasm intended) his qualification because I still had my doubts. He told me he is a MBBS and MD in Modern Ayurveda and the course takes as long as any other doctorate courses would.
That kind of satisfied me. I guess I will follow his prescription. At least every time I will take the meds I will remember a guy who was good looking, intelligent and a Doctor who was just talking to me, about me, and listened to me with full attention for full 20 minutes.
How many girls can say that they have had such an experience?
night night 
Mrs. Gupta
P.S. : I started gyming today and managed to twist my ankle. I am going to retire to bed early today.