Sunday, 24 July 2016

Soul Curry: One day,SUNDAY

Sundays are the best days. I love Sundays or at least I used to love them a lot. They are my energy refill pack supply days. They kept me happy for the rest of the days and when every time they went and a Monday came there was always a hope and security that I can start counting back from 7 to 1 and will surely have another beautiful fun day. Sundays were always my most beautiful days. Oh! They were amazing. 

Let me start from the beginning. I was a lucky baby to have such amazing folks. I was in a joint family. My Sunday's started with jalebis and samosas for breakfast which my grandfather used to bring every Sunday. No fails recorded ever. Afternoons were for going to watch movies (sometimes in black, ooh what a thrill!) with my Uncle n Aunt and my cousins. Evenings were meant for dinner outings with my parents and cousins. It was usually this with changes only in case of parties or exams.

Then I went to the college, made some amazing friends, got lucky again I guess. Saturdays were for late night parties followed by late Sunday brunches and movies in the afternoon after which we used to grab a bite somewhere. Rarely was it altered.

Well then I got placed in a company in Gandhinagar. It’s a dead place, yeah pretty well structured, green, safe and everything but still dead. Still my Sundays kept me happy and kicking throughout my short stint there. I had an amazing roomie, very adjusting and very lazy to go out. I was adjusting too but always full of energy to go out. And so we made a deal. Saturdays were for cleaning, sleeping relaxing at home the entire day while Sundays were for shopping, watching movies, going to garba nights (lolz) and trying different eateries in Ahmedabad. This city is bursting with flavours I tell you. From there Theplas to Dabelis to their Natural Ice creams I loved it all, and gained a few pounds.
Then I came back to Kanpur to get married. It got better. I was engaged to Mr. Gupta. Saturdays and Sundays, and also Fridays were all date nights. We went on quite a few. They were beautiful days. Best Sundays of my life. Every day seemed like a Sunday. Mr. Gupta made sure of that.

I got married soon and though we did not have extended weekends but our Sunday fun stayed intact. We started our Sundays with Tea at our beloved chai vala. Afternoons were for relaxing. In the evenings we used to go for movies or dinners, sometimes both. We also threw lot of parties at our place. I was living my dream. 

Soon I got pregnant. There were ultasounds and some tests. Result: Given Bed rest for nine months. They were beautiful Sundays too. I am not lying. I waited anxiously for darling baby to pop out and planned out what all we three will do together, me, Puneet and the baby. I read a lot, almost like 50 to 60 books. I love to read. It was like a prolong holiday. 

Then my angel was sent to me. She is the most beautiful gift I ever had. That day was like the best Sunday. The sun shone brighter, the birds chirped louder, my world seemed so much happier. For the first time I cried tears of Happiness.

But Somehow after the baby things have changed. Sundays are more of stay at home with the baby days while my hubby either relaxes after a weak load of work (I know he has tiring weeks, he goes early, comes late)  or wants to hang out with his gang of boys. He takes me out sometimes but the security that my Sunday held for me is long gone. The fact that was almost like Universal truth to me that "Sundays are always fun day" is slowly dissolving. 

I now wish for the weekends to get over fast. When my friends are free and do not have plans with their families and friends. And its not half as bad, I do have loads of fun with them the entire week. We go shopping, watch movies have luncheon dates or coffee dates. Looking at the positive side I get 6 Sundays instead of just 1. 

But yes, I miss the thrill that was in waiting for that one day, and the anticipation when that wait used to get over and my FUN-ONE-DAY used to begin.

That was my secret for today, Sunday
night night
Mrs. Gupta