Friday, 15 July 2016

Vanity fair!

Who does not like looking beautiful?

Well I do! And I sure do love to keep my vanity in order....
What happened was Mr. Gupta totally forgot that I am from Venus and decided to give me Mars sized vanity.

Check it out....

All you pretty girls out there I know I have your sympathies.Getting ready initially was like being told to fire a nuclear war craft from a bunker.Gosh it was crazy!

But don't you worry I sorted it out gradually. Took over Mr. Gupta's wardrobe just next to it.(I did gave him a small portion of mine though, like really small ;))

I had it fixed with glass divisions and added all my stuff in various boxes and pouches I could lay my hands on.

The end result of Wardrobe convertible vanity is something I totally take pride in. I totally love it for its cosiness and warmth emitting from it.

C it for yourself people....

I also bought this frame from a flash sale and added nails to it to hang all my junk jewellery and belts. It does add to the drama eh..!

And these are the few close ups of my making-me-pretty corner:

My my ! I am pretty organised,aren't I?

P.S. : I cleaned it tonight, and felt like it deserved to be shown off!
This was my secret for today, what is yours? Do tell!

love &
night night!
Mrs. Gupta