Monday, 8 August 2016

Weekly Book review : The Brethren by John Grisham

I love to read but sometimes you become so preoccupied with your life that your love, your relationships, your hobbies, they all suffer. To make sure that I don't fall in that pit I am going to write a book review every week on Wednesday and for that I will have to read a book every week. 

This week it is The brethren by John Grisham. 

I picked it on a whim. It has caught my fancy but it was a mistake.

It's disappointing. The plot goes like this. Three judges in a Jail with relaxed rules almost like a rehab facility, decide to scam rich gay guys by offering to become their pen pals and busting them once they get to know who they are. Then they blackmail them for money. 

They got Aron lake to write them too. He is the most talked about guy in USA right now.He is a promising candidate for the upcoming presidential elections with a dirty secret that he is gay. 

The story begins with 2 sub plots running simultaneously. On one side is A powerful guy Teddy who controls the entire presidential election and makes sure that Lake wins them too. Lake is a puppet Teddy is using for his own benefit unaware of him being gay.

On the other side are these three judges running the scam from inside Tumbler, the jail. 

The entire novel is how the two get entangled with each other.

The plot is not convincing enough. How come all the 3 judges were there at the same place. It is 21st century and being gay is as okay as having an extra marital affair in United States. 

John Grisham has definitely done some better work. He is more of an entertainer but this time the plot fails to do so as well. If we talk about the literature it's a passé. Nothing great. 

In all I would say if you are bored and have long hours in front of you with nothing else to do you can pick it up. But otherwise go for the older John Grisham novels like "The Firm", "The client"...the list is long and they will not disappoint you like the Brethren.