Monday, 8 August 2016

When I was a Bad Mom

Mr. GUPTA was tapping his feet on the floor, rather impatiently for the past 20 minutes. He is not the one for waiting. It's generally my task. I made him wait in the car outside my parents place. 

We were taking a trip to Agra. We have not been anywhere since our trip to Goa in February. Our feet were getting itchier day by day, our heart restless and our minds were going bonkers thinking when is the next escapade. 

The catch here is that we left my baby ( 9 months old) at my mom's place. Yeah I know tongues will wag. Some will say you are a witch. Why have one if you don't want one! Why make the baby go through all this pain of missing her mum! What is the harm in taking the baby!

Everybody, she is harmless, she is wonderful, she is my devilish angel, she is my lifeline but she is not my entire life. 

Yeah it sounds shocking when a mom says it so openly. But it is true. I love her and all but I do have a life beyond her. 

So I wanted a trip devoid of any responsibilities, like -

Baby has to poop 
Baby has to eat
Baby has to drink water
Baby has to get her diaper changed
Baby has to have her vitamin
Baby has to have her Gutti
Baby has to get a bath
Baby has to get a massage
Baby has to sleep 
And the list goes on

For once I wanted to be Mr. Gupta's carefree baby. And that's what I became for 48 hours.

We dropped her at my parents place around 4 in the evening on Friday. Though we left the town on Saturday but I wanted to be sure that she will be okay without me before leaving. The most important being the bedtime. That's when they want you the most. It all went smooth.

Me and Mr. GUPTA had a weekend. Yes it's not about being a great weekend or an okay weekend or a bad weekend. It was just about having a weekend to ourselves. 

When we picked up Divyanka on Sunday evening she welcomed us with a beautiful smile and little scolding in her language. Otherwise she was all fine and her usual self. 

I was relived it was a success. But it  is not over and gone unless my mum said in the end, " you are a BAD MOM to do so".

What do you think? Have I earned the title BAD MOM? Let me know in the comments.

Night night 
Mrs. Gupta