Thursday, 18 August 2016

When I ...

I am having a brain jammed week (on what to write) for the last two weeks as is very obvious from the long absence of any post on my blog.

I am still in no mood to write up much but did not want to break the continuity of posting on my blog so I am gonna let the pics do the talking.

When I joined Aerobics classes 

When I went to DELHI for Rakshabandhan 
When our babies tied each other Good Earth Rakhis

When I decided to flaunt my baby's shopping

When my baby decided to act crazy in Delhi

When we decided to party at DELHI Club House and the food was super yum.

When we decided to watch a movie in style@ Director's Cut Ambience Mall, Delhi

This sums up the goody goody part of my last two weeks pretty well. As for the rest, let bygones be bygones

Mrs. Gupta