Friday, 23 September 2016

Today is my first day at school

OMG! it's really happening. I am going to my babies first ever...hmmm..let me call it  social outing class. It's a weekly story telling class with some other activities. I am so so so nervous.

Why? Are you asking me why am I nervous? You have got be really dumb not to know why. But anyways for the benefit of everyone let me give you a few reasons: 

1. For starters my baby is just 11months old and her entire social circle development depends on the fact whether the other mums like me or not.

2. Secondly I am not exactly good with babies. Yeah I know I am a mom but my patience levels are already on the verge of bursting. I don't know which innocent soul might end up falling prey to my wrath.

3. Number 3 - mothers are so f***ing advanced these days. There babies are already following various kindergarten concepts, they are making there babies listen to Mozart and introducing them to soft books. Well I  am sorry but my baby so far has just learn how to crawl and stand and fall  and crawl and stand and fall and... Wait a minute that's all she does right now.

4. There is gonna be a teacher there. I was such an obedient child in school that every word my teacher used to utter was like a universal truth to me. I don't want that much pressure on me right now. Old habits are hard to change you know.

5. And lastly my baby is teething right now. And refusing to eat at all because of all the pain in the gums. So she is looking a little pale inspite of all my efforts to make her eat the entire day. I am scared to face other mommies who are bound to comment, 
"aww how thin you are my baby.. Mumma  does not feed you at all na..

Basically I am shit scared right now. As I am writing this post I am also keeping track of time. The backward counting has already begun. 

3 2 1 ...good morning ma'am!