Friday, 30 September 2016

When I think Family, I think Pizza

When I think of family as a term the first picture  that comes to my mind is a family sitting around a table, laughing, talking, and eating together. Having great time enjoying each other's company. 

When I got married I realized that we as a generation have moved forward. Now we have become super advanced. We carry our entire family everywhere in our gadgets. We have WhatsApp groups by the name"family" which keep our small families together and integrated. We have a Facebook wall where our parents get to know that there daughter/son will come late because they are partying at that club with so and so. The Instagram updates the grandparents of all the fun activities that kids are into right now. Twitter is one of the best because it lets us have real conversations and arguments, let us share opinions and even ask for opinions from the third person. 
Wow! We have really grown up as a civilization. The best still, the trophy winner for me is FaceTime. Imagine talking, kissing, smiling, making eye contact and sharing jokes that too without sharing same time zone.

Everything is a touch away. 

Our virtual world is taking over our real world so fast that we soon will not be even required to run it.  
Soon our future generations will have robots. The movies like I robot, the Bicentennial man are not a very distant dream now. 

In this Mad World there is just one thing that has kept my family dream alive and that is my Pizza delivery boy. Thanks to him and thanks to those boxes that he get which smell of cheese and freshly baked  bread  my family is still drawn to the dining table once a week. We hungrily and rather quickly settle around the table and then we talk, we laugh together, we fight over the last piece, we make fun of the silent one, we pass each other pizza slices, Mr. Gupta ask his dad about his diabetes, Mummyji( my mother in law) could say to his son that he is looking so week today, and my family dream comes true for a short while. 

I love you Pizza. You let me live my dream once in a while.