Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why I love daddy more Mum

Yeh! I can't find mommy for sometime now. She is always there. Well! I am glad about it. But only she understands me well enough to make sure I never cry. Well daddy is here. The cooler of two, but not that efficient. Hmm.. I like daddy more. Why? You ask me why? There are thousands of reasons let me tell you a few.

21 Reasons why I love daddy more than you mommy 

1. He is always happy and relaxed while you are always worried for something or other.

2. He lets me eat anything and everything while you are always making this sound "no no no" when I try to eat stuff from the floor.

3. He lets me sip his special milk which tastes bitter but is sweet with so much froth on the top.

4. He feeds me breakfast from his own plate.

5. He does not wipe my face, my hands and my legs at all. I hate it completely when you do that.

6. He does not bother me so much for changing my cloths.

7. Also he lets me roam around in my diapers alone.

8. He lets me watch stuff on his shiny device.

9. I also get to eat the shiny device once we are done watching.

10. He never give me any of that white bland thingy to eat which you force down my throat everyday.

11. He swing me higher than you could ever imagine.

12. He lets me drive his car. I sit right in his lap and steer the wheel.

13. I sleep whenever and wherever I want to.

14. I also get to sleep on his face, on his tummy and everywhere else I feel like.

15. I can crawl everywhere. There are no restricted areas under his reign.

16. I can chew the earphones. Oh god ! They are so chewy.

17. I can chew his watch.

18. I can chew his key rings.

19. I can chew his belt.

20. We play "snatch the specs he wear over his eyes" all the time. That's such a fun game. I usually win.

21. I broke one of those specs once and had a gala time crawling around everywhere and chewing his shoes while the poor man tried to fix it with some glue. 

There are so many other things mommy but I think you get my point now.
After all this I still love you mom. Not as much as I love daddy though.
Night night,
Baby ;) 

PS: Bonus : he puts me in front of the air conditioner whenever I cry. Oh ! How it reminds me of my evening strolls by the sea with you both in Goa.